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Dear Colleagues,
our Core is ready to offer you DNA/RNA sequencing of a wide range: from standard Sanger sequencing to «NextGen» sequencing (NGS).

Analysis with the capillary sequencers
- Sanger sequencing;
- DNA fragments size analysis.

Additional services
- PCR fragments extraction and purification;
- DNA and RNA bioanalysis with a Bioanalyzer 2100.

Massive parallel sequencing:
- De novo sequencing and resequencing bacterial and viral genomes;
- Human or other high species genomes resequencing;
- Transcriptome sequencing;
- Metagenome sequencing;
- 16S rRNA genes sequencing.

Cost of the Core's services depends on following:
- The total number of the samples;
- Minimum sample quantity, submitted for the Core analysis;
- Collaborative works and publications.

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samples have been analyzed since 2005

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