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Author team of Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine, L.L.C. “BioLink” and L.L.C. “Biosan” was honored with state prize of Novosibirsk region for development and introduction in manufacture of a method for synthesis of nucleoside-5’-triphosphates, one of main components of diagnostic PCR kits used for diagnostics of viral and bacterial infections.
The prize was given during ceremonial meeting dedicated to the Day of Russia on 11th June 2019. Andrey Travnikov, governor of Novosibirsk region, and Andrey Shimkiv, speaker of the Legislative Assembly, were the ones who presented the award.
Members of the rewarded author collective are:

  • Viktor Bogachev, PhD , scientific employee of L.L.C. “BioLink”;
  • Valentin Vlassov, scientific adviser of ICBFM SB RAS, Dr, Sci, Prof.;
  • Darya Lebedeva, production engineer at triphosphate manufacturing, L.L.C. “Biosan”;
  • Igor Rabinov, leading engineer of laboratory of biotechnology of ICBFM SB RAS;
  • Vladimir Richter, deputy director for science of ICBFM SB RAS, PhD;
  • Svetlana Yasnetskaya, production engineer at triphosphate manufacturing, L.L.C. “Biosan”.

We congratulate our colleagues and wish them further success!

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