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Author team of Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine, L.L.C. “BioLink” and L.L.C. “Biosan” was honored with state prize of Novosibirsk region for development and introduction in manufacture of a method for synthesis of nucleoside-5’-triphosphates, one of main components of diagnostic PCR kits used for diagnostics of viral and bacterial infections.
The prize was given during ceremonial meeting dedicated to the Day of Russia on 11th June 2019. Andrey Travnikov, governor of Novosibirsk region, and Andrey Shimkiv, speaker of the Legislative Assembly, were the ones who presented the award.
Members of the rewarded author collective are:

  • Viktor Bogachev, PhD , scientific employee of L.L.C. “BioLink”;
  • Valentin Vlassov, scientific adviser of ICBFM SB RAS, Dr, Sci, Prof.;
  • Darya Lebedeva, production engineer at triphosphate manufacturing, L.L.C. “Biosan”;
  • Igor Rabinov, leading engineer of laboratory of biotechnology of ICBFM SB RAS;
  • Vladimir Richter, deputy director for science of ICBFM SB RAS, PhD;
  • Svetlana Yasnetskaya, production engineer at triphosphate manufacturing, L.L.C. “Biosan”.

We congratulate our colleagues and wish them further success!


On 30th January 2018 deputy prime minister of Russian Federation Arkady Dvorkovich paid a visit to ICBFM SB RAS. During his visit Arkady Dvorkovich acquainted with scientific achievements and perspectives of the institute, business companies founded by employees of the institute. Scientific supervisor of the institute, academician Valentinv Vlassov presented innovative infrastructure of ICBFM SB RAS, and director of the institute Dmitriy Pyshnyi conducted a tour dedicated to scientific and innovative Activity of the institute, science-intensive products of the enterprises, which were founded to commercialize products and technologies developed in ICBFM SB RAS.

Пресс-релиз, Фото визита

On 6th February 2018 ceremony of rewarding of laureates and finalists of IV Russian prize “For devotion to science” took place in ministry of science and education of Russian federation. Popular science magazine “Science first hand”, one of founders of which is ICBFM SB RAS, became the winner in nomination “Best printed periodical media about science”. The magazine is being published in Akademgorodok, Novosibirsk since 2004, it’s meant for wide readership from schoolchildren to tutors and scientists, and also for everybody who is interested in knowledge about our world. Great number of articles published in this journal were written by employees of ICBFM SB RAS. Read more


On 29th November 2017 in SB RAS Expo center took place the meeting between representatives of Department for cooperation and culture of French Republic embassy in Russia and representatives of SB RAS institutes most actively collaborating with French universities and National center of scientific research (CNRS). In this meeting participated director of ICBFM SB RAS, corresponding member of RAS Dmitriy Pyshnyi and corresponding member of RAS Olga Lavrik.Read more.

Dear colleagues!

On 22nd November academician, Dr. Sci, scientific supervisor of ICBFM SB RAS, Valentin V. Vlassov, will celebrate his 70th anniversary.

Address for written greetings: 630090, Novosibirsk, Lavrentjeva av., 8. For telegrams: Novosibirsk-90, ICBFM. Read more

On 23rd September 2017 Yves Rossier, the ambassador of Switzerland in Russia, visited the Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine SB RAS. The ambassador received idea of new scientific developments and achievements of ICBFM SB RAS, Center of new medicinal technologies. Topics of establishing more efficient and productive two-side partnership of scientific and medicinal organizations of Switzerland and Russia were discussed during the meeting. Delegation also visited laboratories of the institute and obtained information about scale of scientific research and equipment used for it, as well as about collaboration potential. The visit was held in warm and friendly atmosphere.


ICBFM SB RAS became a winner of competition of projects if frame of the federal target program «Research and development on priority directions of development of scientific-technological complex of Russia for 2014-2020» with project «Development of biomedical products using genomic editing» with the project «the Creation of targeted antitumor NK cell products of new generation genome editing methods» (leader – PhD V. A. Richter).


to academician Dmitry Knorre with declaration of gratitude from president of Russian federation for his achievements in advancement of science, education, training qualified scientists and long-term diligent work.


According to order of FASO of Russian federation №330 corresponding member of RAS Dmitry Pyshnyi is assigned to post of director of Institute of chemical biology and fundamental medicine SB RAS since 19 April 2017.


In frame of realization of federal law from 28.06.2014 “About strategic planning in Russian federation” project of Strategy of socio-economical development (Strategy-2035) is being elaborated. Participation in the ongoing public consultations is available via the information resource within the state system of «Governance». The platform is intended for public consultations on the development of ideas about the future shape of Russia. FASO of Russia invites employees to participate in the ongoing public consultations using of information resources.



Academician Dmitryi Georgievich Knorre with conferment of the highest award of Russian academy of sciences, big gold medal in name of M.V. Lomonosov for year 2016. As stated in ordinance of Russian academy of sciences, academician Knorre is awarded “for outstanding contribution in field of nucleic acids chemistry, affine modification of biopolymers, establishment of important area of pharmacology – therapeutic nucleic acids and development of gene therapy methods”. Big gold medal in name of M.V. Lomonosov for year 2016 was also adjudged to Nobel laureate Sydney Altman (USA) “for outstanding contribution in field of biochemistry of nucleic acids, discovery of catalytic activity of acids and development of new biologically active substances”. The medal is adjudged each year to one Russian and one foreign scientist for outstanding work in field of natural sciences and humanities. Following the tradition, the award is given to laureates during the general meeting of the academy.

Anniversary of academician D.G. Knorre

From 24 to 28 July, 2016, in the institute took place celebration of 90th anniversary of academician D.G. Knorre. Colleagues, students, representatives of Novosibirsk state university, city and district administrations congratulated the scientists with the jubilee. Read more in “Science in Siberia” and at the page of the office for the promotion and popularization of scientific achievements of the Siberian branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences.


  • Markov Oleg Vladimirovich with receiving letter of appreciation from district administration for active participation in scientific and research work, proposals for the implementation of innovative projects at companies and organizations of the Novosibirsk city.
  • Corresponding member of Russian academy of scienses Olga Ivanovna Lavrik and PhD Olga Evgenjevna Bryzgunova with winning the competition for women in science - “Academina”.
  • Bokovaya Olga Vasilievna, senior laboratory assistant, laboratory of molecular microbiology, with winning in youth science-innovative competition in frame of the “UMNIK” program of the Fund for the promotion of innovations.
  • Burkova Evgeniya Evgenjevna, 3rd year student of full-time postgraduate study of ICBFM SB RAS, with the receipt of scholarships of the government of the Novosibirsk region to conduct promising scientific research and development (decree of the Government of the Novosibirsk region «On the allocation of scholarships of the government of the Novosibirsk region» from 06.12.2016). Scientific supervisor – doctor of chemical Sciences, Professor G. A. Nevinskiy
  • Ryabchikova Elena Ivanovna, doctor of biological sciences, professor, head of Group of microscopic studies, associate professor of molecular biology chair of faculty of natural Sciences, associate Professor of biomedical physics chair of faculty of physics with honorary diploma from Novosibirsk state university.
  • Tutanov Oleg Sergeevich, 3rd year postgraduate student of Laboratory of molecular medicine (supervisor PhD Tamkovich S.N.). winner of competition of year 2016 for scholarship of Russian Federation government for postgraduate students. Good luck in further work!
  • Kurilshikov Alexander Michailovich, junior researcher of laboratory of molecular microbiology, with publishing of his article in journal “Science”: «Population-level analysis of gut microbiome variation», «Population-based metagenomics analysis reveals markers for gut microbiome composition and diversity» (2016)
  • Winners of competition of Russian science foundation in 2016 “Execution of fundamental scientific research and exploratory research by separate research groups”:
  • Zenkova M.A. (laboratory of nucleic acids biochemistry);
  • Nevinsky G.A.(laboratory of reparation enzymes);
  • Semenov D.V. (laboratory of biotechnology);
  • Ryabchikova E.I. (group of microscopic studies), Apartsin E.K. (laboratory of RNA chemistry), Pyshnaya I.A. (laboratory of biomedical chemistry);
  • Veniaminova A.G. (laboratory of RNA chemistry);
  • Fedorova O.S. (laboratory of biopolymers modification study)


  • Winners of competition for scholarship of President of Russian Federation for young scientists and postgraduate students in 2016:

Apartsin Evgeniy Konstantinovich (laboratory of RNA chemistry), Markov Oleg Vladimirovich (laboratory of nucleic acids biochemistry) and Smetanina Maria Alexandrovna (laboratory of pharmacogenomics).

  • Winners of international contests in 2016:
  • Zharkov D.O., dr. Sci, associate professor, head of laboratory of genome and protein engineering with project № 16-54-150004 “Redox modification of proteins of the excision repair system of the DNA and its role in cellular regulation: implications for mechanisms of carcinogenesis and drug resistance”
  • Lavrik O.I., corresp. Member of RAS, professor, dr.Sci, head of laboratory of bioorganic chemistry of enzymes with project № 16-54-76010 “New postreplicative modification of DNA with the participation of poly(ADP-ribozo) polymerases and its application to antirecoil therapy”


  • Laboratory of biotechnology (head Richter Vladimir Alexandrovich) with winning VolkswagenStiftung grant in frame of program Trilateral Partnerships – Cooperation Projects between Scholars and Scientists from Ukraine, Russia and Germany, с Проектом Towards understanding of lactaptin cell-death networks and their translational application. Supervisor from german side is dr. Sci Lavrik Inna Nikolaevna (Institute of Experimental Internal Medicine), supervisor from ukranian side is dr. Sci Kit Yuri Yaroslavovich (Institute of cell biology).
  • Winners of contest for grants of President of Russian Federation fro state support of young Russian scientists-PhDs in 2016:
  • Bartuli (Hairulina) Yulia Sergeevne (laboratory of ribosomes structure and functions)
  • Mechetin Grigoriy Veniaminovich (laboratory of genome and protein engineering)
  • Odintsova Elena Sergeevne (laboratory of reparation enzymes)


Corresponding member of RAS, professor, dr.Sci, head of of laboratory of bioorganic chemistry of Lavrik Olga Ivanovna with the rank of Knight of the order of Academic Palms, for her invaluable contribution to the strengthening of scientific cooperation between Russia and France (Decree of the Prime Minister of the French Republic).


The rank “Professor of RAS” was conferred to Dr. sci Dmitriy Vladimirovich Pyshnyi (administration) and Dr. sci Dmitryi Olegovich Zharkov (head of laboratory of genomic and protein engineering) by the decree of the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences №9 from 19.01.2016 “About conferring the rank “Professor of RAS”.

N.V. Tikunova and the staff of laboratory of molecular biology received the grant “The technology for producing strains of eukaryotic cells - producers of antimicrobial antibodies” from Russian science foundation, project №16-14-00083

ICBFM SB RAS announces entrance examinations for postgraduate studies at Institute on following specialities:

  • 02.00.10 - Bioorganic chemistry;
  • 03.01.04 - Biochemistry;
  • 03.01.03 - Molecular biology;
  • 03.01.07 - Molecular genetics;
  • 03.03.04 - Cell biology, Cytology and histology.

President of Russian federation Vladimir Putin held a meeting with laureates of president’s prize for young scientists. Researchers Nikita Kuznetsov Laboratory of Biopolymer Modification ICBFM SB RAS, Irina Didenkulova, Alexandra Kalashnikova, Alexei Shakhtin, Vitaly Danilenko and Georgyi Vasiliev attended this meeting.


ICBFM SB RAS announces the beginning of competition of young scientists’ works of year 2015. Young specialists of ICBFM including research fellows, junior researchers, assistant researchers and post-graduate students of 3rd year younger than 33 years are welcome to attend the competition

Congratulations to winners of competition for presidential stipend for young scientists and post-graduate students:

  • Maxim S. Kupryushkin
  • Andrey V. Markov
  • Grigoryi A. Stepanov
  • Elizaveta E. Fomina
  • Olga A. Krasheninina
  • Anton V. Endutkin


According to ratings of SCImago Institutions Rankings and Nature Index for year 2014 ICBFM SB RAS has the second place among russian biological institutes for the publications in best world-known scientific journals.


According to the SCImago Institutions Rankings (2013) based on percentage of publications in top international journals, ICBFM RAS is on the 2nd place among the Russian biological institutes and 15th place among all Russian scientific organizations.

Academician V.A. Koptyug prize competition for 2013 is announced

Prepared manuscripts are to submit to SB RAS Presidium or NASB Presidium before 2013/03/11.
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