Center of New Medical Technologies (CNMT) [Институт химической биологии и фундаментальной медицины]
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Center of New Medical Technologies (CNMT)

Center of New Medical Technologies (CNMT)

Head of the Center

Andrey I.Shevela

Prof., Doctor of Medicine, Honoured Physician of Russia
Phone: +7 383 363 01 89

Center of New Medical Technologies was created in 2000 in accordance with the Decree of the Russian Academy of Sciences (09.11.2000 № 324). The scientific goal is execution of basic research and applied research in medical sciences, introduction of fundamental research results into practical health care, development of new technologies and innovative ways of diagnosing for preventing and treating diseases.

Research focus

  • Personalized Medicine: genetic certification, gene therapy, reproductive technologies, gerontology, preventive therapy
  • Innovative Techniques of Minimally Invasive Surgical Navigation: endovasal, endoscopic, including the use of high-energy sources
  • Regenerative Medicine: biomedical cell technologies, tissue and cellular engineering, biocompatible nanomaterials
  • Diagnostic Technologies: innovative radiology technologies, methods for early diagnostics of diseases.

CNMT includes 7 research laboratories and 1 group, equipped with necessary equipment for research activities. Center employs 76 people, including 8 doctors and 16 candidates of science (PhD). There is a Local Ethics Committee in CNMT. Seminars on medical genetics are conducted regularly; Scientific-Educational Center is working. The CNMT's employees are lecturers in Novosibirsk state university and Novosibirsk state medical university. CNMT has stable scientific and practical relations with leading medical and research centers in Russia, Switzerland and Germany.
Four new medical technologies (in the field of molecular-genetic research and minimally invasive surgery) were developed by employees of the Center. The Center staff also performs unique operations using SILS, NOTES, Mammotome, EVLC technologies.
There are original protocols for rehabilitation of children’s neural motor disorders, and also stroke; original methods of arthritis treatment. Advanced technologies of cancer diagnostics, methods of radiation diagnostics of acute surgical conditions are developed and applied in CNMT. The quick diagnostic technology of health condition (“CHECK-UP” technology) is used in the Center. Genetic certification of Novosibirsk population is carried out.
The Center's employees were awarded by the “State Prize of the Novosibirsk region-2011” for the application of advanced technologies in healthcare.

Labs of the Center

Laboratory of Regenerative Medicine

Alexey G. Shusharin,
Head of the Laboratory,
Ph.D. associate professor; doctor of the highest category - rheumatology, neurology, orthopedic trauma, manual therapist; a member of the » Russian Association of Rheumatologists», «Russian Association on Osteoporosis»
Phone: +7 383 363 01 83

Laboratory of Genetic Diagnostics

Head of the Laboratory,
Subbotovskaya Anna Igorevna,
Phone: (383) 360-76-66

Laboratory for Invasive Medical Technologies

Vitalyi V. Morozov, Head of the Laboratory,
Phone: +7 383 291 8107,

Laboratory of Molecular Medicine

Pavel P.Laktionov, Head of the Laboratory,
Phone: +7 383 363 5143,

Laboratory of Beam Diagnostics
Head of the Laboratory, Makogon Arkady Villenovich,

Phone: 383

Laboratory for Personalized Medicine

Prof. Galina I. Lifshits, Head of the Laboratory,
Phone: +7 383 363 01 87,

Laboratory of Reproductive Problems

Tatyana V. Ovsyannikova, Head of the Laboratory,
Phone: +7 383 363 0183,

Laboratory of Stem Cell

Suren M. Zakian, Head of the Laboratory,
Prof., D.Sc.
Phone: +7 383 363 49 37,

Group of cytogenetics

Tatyana A. Gayner, Head of the group,
Phone: +7 383 363 01 83,

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