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Applied researches

Applied researches

Equipment for DNA/RNA synthesis

Innovative devices to synthesize natural and modifed DNA/RNA-olygonucleotides have been developed and produced.

Biochip to detect viral pathogenes

Universal microchip to define all known strains of influenza type A on the base the essential genes - hemagglutinin (HA) and neuraminidase (NA)- has been designed.

Detection of pathogenes carried by ticks

In 1988 there were first time established the full-length nucleotide sequence of tick-borne encephalitis viral genome (10 487 bp) and characterized its genes in the ICBFM.

New medications for treatment of tick-borne encephalitis

A therapeutic antibody against tick-borne encephalitis virus was designed in ICBFM. The antibody specifically binds to protein E of the virus with affinnity 10̄¹¹М and is capable of neutralizing infectivity of the different viral strains.

Antitumor gene-directed drugs

In vivo studies showed that average life span of animal treated with combined therapy (cyclophosphamide + siRNA) rises to 22.44+ 1,35 from 19,38 + 1, 04 days.

Developing new methods to deliver nucleic acids into cells:

- Therapeutic nucleic acids (TNA) are promissing tool for selective regulation of gene expression.
- TNA-delivery vechiles based on polyethylenimine-cholesterine conjugates.
- TNA-delivery vechiles based on supramolecular complexes, a new transfection way.

Laying the foundation for targeted gene modification

The study enabled to design new generations of antiviral drugs and drugs to break genetic material of malignant cells as well. A new part of physico-chemical biology, which is bioorganic chemistry of nucleic acids duplexes, has been created.

Center of new medical technologies

Advanced medical technologies « Molecular genetic approaches to evaluate risk for thrombosis predisposition» and «Diagnostic method for embolism risk of lower limb venous thrombosis» has been developed and introduced by ICBFM SB RAS .

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